Monday, August 29, 2011

One For the Ladies

There are 2 main reasons why I concentrate on the male side of Mod style on this site: 1) There are already several great blogs out there covering women's '60s/mod/vintage/current fashion, and 2) I'm a male.

But today, I will make an exception due to a personal pet peeve of mine: proper go-go boots. If you'd like a simple history of go-go boots, you can't go wrong with Wikipedia. Today, however, I'd like to keep it simple.

THESE are proper go-go boots:
The calf-high go-go boot. Rrrr....
Courregès's famous Space Age versions. Click here for more of his clothes designs.
My personal favorite, the Mondrian go-go boot!

Action go-go boots! And for a great story on a young girl's experiences with go-go boots in the 1960s, drop by here.
Note a common theme on all of the above: the more subtle, low heels, the slender, pointed toes. Trust me, you show up to a club in these types of boots and you'll have earned those jealous stares!

These, on the other hand, are drill team/cheerleader boots:

Oh, I bet those black circles had you thinkin' these were 'Mod' for a moment, huh?

Chunky heal and round-toed. Yup, cheerleader boots!
For the men whose eyes have moved beyond the boots, you can see more here.
Find yourself needing boots for a drill team routine, then you can find more here.
...oh yeah, we were talking about boots, huh...
Go-go Drill team boots after an Austin Powers make-over.
What do your eyeballs tell you? Yup, chunky heels and round toes... good for doin' cheers in, but not for turnin' Mod dudes' heads around (unless you're wearing the accompanying Laker Girl outfit). So ladies, next time you're hittin' the clubs and want to blow people's minds with your kicks (shoes, for the over-25 set), go the proper go-go boot route!

Oh, and to bring this back to the MALE Mod side of things, if these are considered the guy's version... I'll take 'em. (Oh wait, turns out I already have a pair of these!)


  1. Is anyone daring enough to address the issue over women over a certain age in go-go boots?!

  2. Bravo!
    But what about boots from the 60s with a somewhat higher heel and a bit less pointy? They can also look great in a club and are proper with clothes from the period. From this fabulous photo site it appears that 1967 was the year that they changed (in Italy of course):

    There was a short transition period in 1967, then there's a photo from 1968 where the boots look almost exactly like the current "cheerleader" boot (labeled 1968-Minigonne), though with a less clunky heel.

    I admit that I'm impressed when a gal wears any vintage 60s boot out dancing, even if they aren't the 1964 model.

  3. Thank you for posting this entry. My fashion club, The Modern Juniors are all lovers of Mary Janes, but rarely do we wear ankle boots. Once in awhile one will, but again, that is rare.


  4. Personally I think go go boots look cheesy on women today. It's usually paired with some sort of silly 60s vintage reproduction dress, and just looks too costume-y.

  5. I prefer a vintage shoe with buckles or ties or a vintage-esque (less smelly, less painful) but I still think with the right outfit they look great. (BTW Prada have some great ones for this season) wish I had the $$$$.

  6. Great Article, but alas original go go boots are difficult to find these days. I keep up my hunt!

  7. I love vintage boots in general and go go boots in particular! Great post!


    And Bill, totally. Though I still have hankerings.

  9. Bill, I think I'll have those responses directed to you, personally... I ain't brave enough to go there!

    Dean, great boots link! A lot of those photos I've never seen before. May have to post that tomorrow.

    And to all the women that have posted, whew! I was worried I'd be stepping on toes (pun intended), but glad to see you feel the same. I agree with the costume tag for these more generic boots. At the same time, I have seen newer "go-go" boots that looks pretty cool for women. I almost want to say that Prada had a killer pair out about 6 years ago, with their logo cut out of the boot up near the top. They were slender boots, with a pointed toe and slight heel. I've been unable to find a photo though.

  10. Yes I might open up a deluge of "Modlist" style spats here if I air my views on 40+ dollybirds in white go-go boots so I shall gracefully keep it shut......

  11. I was lucky enough to find deadstock 1960s go-go boots at a local vintage clothing store when I was in high school. I bought two pairs, but regrettably dyed one pair RED (my favorite color) leaving the zipper white. I thought I was so cool every time I slipped them on. Me, my sister Liz, and our friend Margaret were the only Mod girls around with original go-go boots. I still have the boots, and I'm sure I'll keep them forever!

    I recently had the age vs. white go-go boot discussion. I can't see myself in go-go boots and mini skirts anymore... but maybe, just maybe I can get away with wearing them with a groovy pair of trousers. :) Wait, who am I of the many things to grow with age have been my feet. So sad.

  12. Have to agree with the original boot versus the clobber hopper one. I've been wearing short white Courreges style boots for nearly 30 years and I'm late-40s. Having a young face helps but sense says forget skirts that are too short. The boots look pretty good too with straight legged trousers.

    The original short style are a good conversation piece for strangers who want to stop you in the street and talk to you about the 60s. The clobber hoppers just seem to scream something else to me.

    If you really want a pair of the original style, take a picture along to a shoe-maker. Only problem is they are expensive.

  13. Little Miss Go-Go, thank you for chiming in on this one with a female perspective... the most important one!

    Well, I can't comment on young faces and skirts seeing as I'm gentleman-like. However, I do agree with you on boots with trousers.

    When we were younger, my friend used to wear her go-go boots (the '60s ones!) with really nice hipsters and she always looked super cool. Her boots were generally the short style as well.

  14. Hi Supermod,

    Just have to say thank you for the go-go boot inspiration. I was trying to dream up a fantastic birthday cake idea for my sister's 50th last week. She is SUCH a shoe girl! And boots.
    So I had a cake professionally made in the shape of the Mondrian go-go boot and it turned out pretty damn good I think.
    I wanted a 60's boot and after trawling thru several sites I found your blog and voila! There it was - the perfect statement boot. The cake 'artist' also does these things called toppers made of stiff icing/frosting so I chose a gal sitting back surrounded by parcels of designer shopping.
    I'll see if I can post photos. Thanks again for providing me with a great idea and fantastic picture.
    Liz in New Zealand.

    1. And thank you for this great story! I never expected something like this happening when I wrote this.

      Super happy you found what you were looking for and I'm glad this worked out for you. If you are able to, please post a photo. Would love to see it!

  15. Those low-heeled, calf-length go go boots look great, but they were made of cheap, thin vinyl and were made to throw out after a season or two. These are extremely difficult to find nowadays and if you can find them, they can go for hundreds of dollars. I've had a few pairs that got completely trashed after a night of heavy dancing. Even a tube of Shoe Goo couldn't put them right. So please give us go go gals a break if we don't wear them!

    Yes, those chunky-heeled contemporary ones are definitely cheerleader style, but there's nothing wrong with late 60s/early 70s thicker heeled boots. These aren't as ugly or clunky as the contemporary boots. Most of the late 60s/early 70s go go boots were made in Japan or Korea and are still quite sturdy and wearable today. I've had plenty of compliments on my chunkier-heeled boots from that era. As for the early 60s Hullabaloo style boots, they are cute and great to dance in, but they only look good on a certain type of leg. They just don't suit me very well.

    If you want to know more about vintage go go boots and check out more photos, go to my website:

    And hello, Wilthomer: there is NOTHING wrong with a 40+ woman wearing go go boots as long as she can still rock 'em. If you want to know what is really an eyesore to some of the ladies, it's seeing men of a certain age wearing ruffled shirts and cravats ;-)

    1. Fergy, you are right about the quality (and subsequent value) of those boots. That is totally what makes them so difficult to find nowadays. A friend of mine had beautiful black-and-white ankle-length boots that looked almost like spats. We found another pair in a shop once and they were going for about $200!

      I just wish shoe companies would get back into making those instead of the common drill-team (or worse yet, stripper) versions!

      Personally, I don't mind the late '60s/early 70s thicker heels. Those are still pretty nice looking, especially compared to today's boots. (Listen to me... you'd think I was the one wearing these!)

      Thank you for the link to your site. I'll pass it on throught the Facebook page. (I really like the 4th image down with the tapered heels... and again, not for me!)

    2. I recently came across a pair of Mondrian go-go boots exactly like the ones that you have pictured above (and many other pair of vintage shoes). They have been worn, but are in good shape and the zippers work, size 6 1/2. However, all of the ones that I see on other sites say that Mondrian's are the white with blue and red blocks. What's the significance of the differences? I actually like the ones that I have better than the others.

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