Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mod Gone Wrong: Cute Overload

Last week, during my search for the hipster Mod target trucker hat, I came across these shoes:
I wonder if they come with matching Mod Mod Kuma-chan backpack, pencil, and eraser set?

Although they combine, in my opinion, the two easiest and laziest Mod signifiers (target and Union Jack), I thought these would be incredibly cute for someone's lil' modnik running around the playground.

But upon closer look, I noticed these were for ADULTS! Seriously? What woman in her right mind Okay, just found out my wife would wear these because, duh, there's a 'cute bear' on them.

Oh, wait, no... looks like there's competition in the Bash-You-Over-The-Head-With-Cute-Mod-Symbolism category:
Well, at least next year's Valentine's gift will be easy.
********BREAKING NEWS********THIS JUST IN*************

On the subject of 'cute', how lucky was I last night that this video came into my life? I was folding and hanging up clothes while my wife was watching this video on YouTube. I was ribbin' her about the power-pop sounds and noticed, "Hey, that girl kinda looks like you." She responded, "She kinda does, huh." I went back to my clothes, turned, and looked again. "Wait, that's YOU isn't it?" She began to blush! And now, here it is... the dancer in white sweater and turtleneck... cutest thing EVER!

Looks like someone's gettin' anime mod sneakers this year!


  1. It all went downhill when Ashton Kutcher was spotted in that Ben Sherman baseball cap.........he hee.

  2. As a lover of all things MOD iconic, I have to chime in here..
    Agreed that the load of "targeted" crap being offered on Cafe Press is offputting, but I'll tell you that as a 45 year old, its the occasional fun and frivolous "mod" related items that make me and my wife happy to know that the torch is still burning. ...if only through Japanese anime or small plastic figurines in a parka.
    For me and my better half there has been a rebirth of Mod cuteness becuase of our daughter who frankly eats it up!

  3. Bill, imagine if he had the target trucker hat back in his trucker hat days!

    John, I think the Cafe Press stuff is totally silly, but I agree with you in a way. There are things on there that just aren't meant to be taken seriously... like the lil' Mod teddy bear. I ain't jokin'... I may have to pick it up just for the silliness of it!

    Plus, this stuff for kids is totally where it's at! This post was a tad more tongue-in-cheek... didn't start that way, but ended there when my wife commented on the shoes. I softened up.

  4. Carlos, I do appreciate the humor of it all and must say since this blog began you've hit the nail with each posting. Keep up the great work.