Friday, February 28, 2014

Sharp Stylings #68: Jimmy McGriff

We can learn so much from yesterday’s fashion icons.  And living in a post-Mad Men world means we can even enjoy aspects of current male fashions! Every Friday, I’d like to start your weekend off right with a little style inspiration from either then or now. Hopefully, my fellow Mod enthusiasts will find the whole or some detail of the whole to appreciate and maybe even adopt.

So last night, I was organizing some LPs, when I came across this one that stopped me cold:

I was staring at it for a while, as it opened up a very foggy memory. There I was, admiring McGriff's hat (porkpie?)... his clean, well-pressed tab-collar... the thin dark tie... the roll of his jacket lapel... the ivory-looking buttons of his jacket and waistcoat... the herringbone-like pattern of the suit...

...and slowly it came back to me. THE BLOG! That's right... I used to get a kick out of stylish photos like this and writing about them!

Well, thank you Jimmy McGriff for waking me up out of my stupor. I mean, check that photo out, folks. Tell me, how do you get much sharper than that?

And before you tell me McGriff needs a French-cuff shirt, let me tell you that's what makes his look even better. In this shot, he looks razor sharp while still keeping an air of ease. Sometimes, a simple non-cufflink-requiring shirt keeps your look within a casual realm despite the suit and tie.

If you have this album at home, go ahead and pull it out. Yeah, you're admiring the subtle pattern of his suit right? And the color of the suit... hard to tell in the light I'm using, but looks like a charcoal grey to me, which is probably the most perfect suit color as it goes with pretty much everything.

Alright, instead of blabbing on and on about how slick McGriff is, I should just play this record already.

Listen, sometimes I get lost with photos and have a hard time picking ones out to comment on. Howzabout you? What are some of your favorite styled shots? I could always use more inspiration.*

Alright, Jimmy... take us out.

*Oh, and let's mellow on the Marriott/Weller pics, please. Played. Out.