About the Blog

In 1987, my dad explained to me what a ‘mod’ was and, to my surprise, it had nothing to do with The Smiths, The Cure, or Echo & The Bunnymen.  

Almost 25 years later, I’m still as interested and excited about the subject as I was back then, and now, I’ve decided to blog about it.  

I hope you’ll indulge me as I spend time talking about the thing I dig most with a focus on Mod male fashion and style over the years. I’ll also try to provide tips on how to go about aging gracefully while still pulling off a Mod look and avoid looking like you’re going through a Mod-life crisis. (I mean let’s face it, this started off as a youth subculture and some of us just ain’t as youthful as we used to be.)

Overall, I just want this to be a fun and informative site for you to check out, agree or disagree, and share your own opinions. And it's not just for people into the Mod thing... if you're into great style in general, I hope you'll dig!