Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mod Gone Wrong: John Galliano

Okay, now close your eyes and imagine if Duran Duran had gotten caught up in a Mod revival. Having a hard time? 

Well, let me help you out:
Photo taken from Fashion Fame.
Okay, to be fair, these guys are obviously part of a fashion show and from what I know about fashion shows (not much), the more ridiculous the better.

Now, is this too easy to point out the flaws? Is it even worth it to point out the blush? Eyeliner's bad enough, but this just might make the Mod set think blush is a cool thing too.

I love scarves, I really do! The scarves on these guys though... just a tad too Captain Jack Sparrow for me.

Now, I will end this on a positive note: I would have TOTALLY worn those pants about 10 years ago! Heck, what am I saying, those pants don't look too bad TODAY. (Unfortunately, I don't think I can pull off the tight(er) pants at my age.) For those Bay Area people who remember, you tellin' me the pants on the far right couldn't have been found at New Government 17 years ago?

If you're in the Bay Area and looking to make your Friday AWESOME, then come on by the Milk Bar in San Francisco this Friday night!
Sweater Funk brothers Jon Blunck & The Selecter Dj Kirk will be doing their '70s modern soul thing plus special guests Carlos Perez (MOD MALE!) and Mick Marsh (NYC/Three Lonely Guys) will be dropping '60s soul & other funky mod stuff. No Cover - Just Love.

Stay in touch and join their '70s modern soul group on Facebook:


  1. there is a major faux pas in the middle picture. no self respecting mod would button the bottom button. hahaha. at the end of the day, i guess it is the designer's interpretation of what mod means. imagine if you dress like that during the mod revival days in East London. Ouch !

    looking forward to the milk bar on friday.

  2. Aw Melanie, you love the fact that we're djing Friday night? Awesome! You rule! (I kid, I kid!)

    Eugene, oh, I'm using the bottom-button issue as a future post. I'm with you, my man!

  3. I don't think this is that bad. It's just a bit more flamboyant while keeping the straight thin lines. Guy on the right pulls it off the best; 'If Jim Morrison was British'. Personally, ANY Reinterpretation of Mod is better than coping the 'old ways'.