Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Blog Roundup: 4/5/2013

First off, this week, I was welcomed to the We Are The Mods radio show to discuss Mad Men and the Banana Republic 'Mad for Mod' look, along with April Rodriguez of the well-done Ahoy Ahoy blog (which digs into contemporary fashions influenced by past Mod stylings). As you're reading today's links, tune in to the show and put on your headphones for a good talk on the subject. Plus, the very kind Andy Lindsay is interviewed, discussing his blog on Mod shoes (like those worn by The Who, for instance). I think it was a fun time for all and there are some great tunes thrown in there (including a new Hidden Jazz Quartet song!)

Click here to tune in to the show.
 Now on to today's link listing:
  • Very sad news this week for all fans of film. The great Roger Ebert passed away. For some reason, this celebrity death kinda got to me, mainly because of just how brave Ebert had been during his recent fight with cancer and how his writing prevailed through his continuing reviews and social stances. Chicago's horror host, Svengoolie, offers a nice remembrance here
  • The reviews for that new "MOD: A Very British Style" book are becoming my new favorite literary genre. Here's my current favorite.
  • I love corduroy, but never feel like I look good in it. Too bad, it's a great casual style.
  • I love 45s as much as the next guy, but with all these great new comps coming out, my pocket cash is going to CDs lately!
  • Oh, but wait! One of my favorite comps of the 1990s (has it been that long?), Mod Jazz, is finally getting a vinyl release! Man, I can't tell you how influential these comps were in my djing days.
  • Maybe these sunglasses hats will appeal more to the sunny California ladies who might read this blog, but let me tell you, if someone created a sunglass fedora hat... I just might have to pick one up!
  • Fitzgerald's is the NEW brand of shirt you need to keep your eyes on. College No. 9 takes a deeper look.
  • But don't forget the classics still around, like John Simons, as explored by Jimmy Mellor, guesting on A Modernist.
  • Okay, okay, once you're done listening to We Are The Mods, tune in to this great playlist featuring so many great early hits!
  • Space age meets men's fashion thanks to Cosak cloth!
  • How would YOU react if The Jam reunited?
  • Back when we visited London, I was bummed we didn't make it to the Tate Modern. But if you're around the area, check out the Lichtenstein exhibit! Trust me... we have a few at the SFMOMA and they are worth taking a look at close-up.
  • Vegas isn't all gambling, drinking, mall shopping, and shows. There's also good vintage and record shopping
  • Finally, end the week with a glimpse at the new video by local faves, The Bang!
 That's it for today... and in case you forgot, tune in to the We Are the Mods show!

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