Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mod Gone Wrong: 2-Tone Ska Desert Boots

Okay, okay, I know I've gone on about desert boots, particularly patterned desert boots, enough already.

But come on! I mean, COME ON!! Really?!
From the always informative ModCulture site.
Keep in mind, this isn't an artist's sketch. These shoes are not a doodle made by a teenage sk'mod/rude boy who was bored in history class. These are a real product! These are an actual made, manufactured item. They made these because someone out there is going to buy them and possibly skank in them.

Think about that for a minute. There will be people walking around in 2-Tone checkered desert boots.

That's it... I'm getting into the shoe business. I'm going to start making Union Jack flip-flops, Uggs with target patterns, hi-top sneakers with red, white, and blue arrows, and Birkenstocks with just the word 'mod' repeated all along the straps.

See ya, fellas! Millionaire Row, here I come!


  1. Ha. You could probably make some money with all that. I was with you until the birkenstocks. There's no justifiable reason to bring another pair of those things into the world. Not even separating fools from their money.

  2. i was lead to believe, many moons ago when i had a job as a doorman, that birkenstocks would be more comfortable standing for 8 hours at a strech. i was lied to....

    not only were they incredibly UNCOMFORTABLE (i found out later, after getting a callous under my big toe - don't ask me how- they are "not for everyone"), but they are hideously ugly.

  3. @Skorpeo, did you just 'out' yourself as a Birkenstock-wearer?