Thursday, January 5, 2012

New MOD MALE Twitter Account!

That's right, MOD MALE has finally joined the modern age and has started a Twitter account.

It's scary. I don't really know what I'm doing and feel like I'm going to be one of those people who emails or posts IN ALL CAPS. I need to learn how to use things like @, #, and whatever other crazy symbols you Twitter kids are using these days.

And I need to learn how to best use the account. Don't worry... I'm not going to use it just to re-post links to this blog. But I will have to learn how to "re-tweet" cool things I see from other blogs or news reports. I'll have to learn how to tag other people in my own tweets. And I'll have to learn how to add images or videos. Very intimidating!

One thing I promise NOT to do, however, is fall into the abbreviation trap. Don't expect me to LOL, BRB, ROTFL, or WTF on my tweets. I actually like writing in complete English!

But if you'd like to follow me (and bear with me during my 'baby steps' phase), then I think you can go to @modmale and just follow. Does that sound right? Or, how about this:

Now, I'll understand all those weird Twitter-to-Facebook posts I see all the time!


  1. Welcome to twitter,see ya over there any second now !
    it's actually ok once you get used to the fact that you have to fit everything that you want to say into 140 characters,been using it for about a year be as succinct as possible seems to be the only way.

  2. Thank you Sweet Jane! I think I added you, as well, last night.

    I should use it to practice on cutting down on my wordiness, but I also don't want to fall into the brain-dead pits of Kim Kardashian-style tweets!