Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Story I Never Get Tired of Telling

Almost 20 Years Ago...
Once upon a long time ago, back in 1992, I went to see a film called ‘The Commitments’ at a local theater with my buddies. On the way out, I ran into an old friend, Elizabeth Ordaz, who introduced me to some of the friends she was with, including her sister Irene and her sister's boyfriend. I was gobsmacked! There I was, a goofy, acne-faced teen, pretty far down on the Mod Slickness Scale standing in front of this uber-Mod-looking gal with short bob and Fred Perry gear. With little hearts floating through my head, I thought, “Wow! Someday, I hope I find a Mod girlfriend as cute as her!”

About 10 Years Later...
I was now a goofy (still little) Mod adult visiting San Diego for 6699,  a '60s Mod weekender, and ran into my old roommate, John, at a thrift shop. John introduced him to the girl he was dating at that time, and lo and behold, it was that same cute mod girl from years earlier: Irene!

From that point forward, we ran into each other more and more, eventually becoming friends. Over time, that friendship grew into mutual crushes, leading to a period of woo-ship, an official first date at the wedding of our friends Victoria and Terry, a long-distance relationship, a very short-distance relationship, and, finally...

A Year Ago Today...


  1. STOP MAKING ME CRY. Seriously. Happy Anniversary, you guys. xoxoxo

  2. hey! I just thought of something! I think I was at the thrift store with you guys in San Diego. I remember because I bought the Musical Youth "Pass the Dutchie" record and everyone got mad at me because it was SO UNCOOL. Except you -- you were too busy talking up JK's girlfriend. SNAP!

  3. I love that your first date was at Terry and I's wedding!