Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekly Blog Roundup: 3/11/2013

Instead of ending a week with good blog posts, how about starting the week with them? (Great way to spin my laziness over the weekend.)

So, fill up on coffee, grab a bagel, and enjoy the following!  
 Alright, hope these set a good mood for the week!


  1. The BAD review of “A Very British Phenomenon” has convinced me not to buy it. I eagerly await Mod: The New Religion.

    I bought Richard Barnes’ book Mods! back in 1980, right after it came out. I read a review of it in Trouser Press, which said it was not published in the USA. This is long, long before anyone dreamed of the Internet. I looked in the phone book for companies that special ordered foreign books. I found one in Cambridge near Harvard Square (I lived outside of Boston). I took the train in and went in the place. They were used to ordering scholarly books for professors, and not rock’n’roll fannish stuff for enthusiastic teenagers. Nonetheless, the gentleman looked the book up in a huge bound volume of UK publications, which had four columns per page of I would guess 6 point type. There it was, though he had never dealt with the publisher -- Eel Pie Press, Pete Townshend’s small press -- he agreed to order it for me. I may have had to put down a deposit. It took several MONTHS for it to show up. I had actually given up on it, when one day a postcard came saying it had arrived! It was as cool as I had hoped it would be. I still have it. The Modern World (that I’ve learnt about) with instant purchases and fast deliver really is better, but the delayed gratification did make things more exciting.

    1. I think I'll still get it because, you know, mod.

      But I dig this story on how you acquired the 'Mods' book! You know how difficult it was for us US folk to buy anything from Europe, pre-Paypal. Man, I remember getting Phoenix List catalogues in high school and wanting to order cassette tapes of Graham Bond or Zoot Money, but I had NO idea how to convert dollars to pounds at a bank. Ugh, it was torture!

      I didn't take a look at the 'Mods' book until I moved to the Bay Area and one of my friends had a copy. Believe it or not, I ended up finding a copy of my own at a used bookshop out here!

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog (itllneverbeoverforme) - partly inspired by great blogs like yours, so I'm very flattered. And its inspired me to blog so more! Keep up the good work. Regards, Gavin.

    1. Aw man, I LOVE your last new jazz post! I had one up similar several months back. So much great new jazz from the last 10 years or so. You turned me on to bands I didn't know about: Jonas Holgersson, Gaetano Partipilo.

      Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time leaving comments on your blog because I keep getting prompted for a password from a previously used blog account and can't remember it! I'll work it out though. Keep it up!