Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mod Gone Wrong: Halloween 2012

It's that time again... time to start planning your Mod costume for Halloween next week!

Actually, now I remember one of the reasons I used to hate Halloween. Yeah, you try walking to school on Halloween dressed in your normal clothes while people around you point out, "Look! He's a Beatle!" or "Oh man, great sixties costume!"

Well, I'm not one to dress up on Halloween, but maybe this year, I'll give it a shot with something simple like this:
Let Harlequin Costumes show you how to "Mod up."
Quite frankly, the only reason why I know this is a 'costume' rather than a photo of an actual parka Mod at a rally is because it says it right there on the outfit's webpage: 'fancy dress costume'. But if you took this guy and dropped him down into a photo of a scooter rally, he'd probably fit right in!

Interesting what this company did to create this outfit, too. It's almost as if they took a Snuggie (look at how long this thing is!), dyed it green, and added fur to a fake hood. Then, they painted on the target to complete the 'Mod' look. Psh! And you were going to spend 3 paychecks on a Pretty Green parka? Just rent this out for the night!

Now, I can't confirm whether or not the pointed shoes or badly-cut trousers are part of the oufit, but I do know one thing. It's not only getting the thumbs-up from the guy wearing it... it's also winning over Rockers!


  1. I HATED the entire week of Halloween when I was a teenager. All I could do was sullenly blurt, "It's not a costume! GAWD!" The most misunderstood week of a misunderstood teenager's life.

    1. Moe, I think you captured the feeling better than I did!