Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mod Gone Wrong: Adidas Track 'Suit'!

Okay, now come on... this is just awesomely funny! Earlier in the year, I wrote about the need to get back in shape (harder than I thought) and what type of work-out wear would Mod types wear. Well, today, I found this:

From The Good Will Out blog.
Oh my god, an actual Mod-looking track suit, complete with ticket pocket! It's even got a 3-button front! Guys, might this be 'Mod Gone Right' or should I stop writing now and drink my morning coffee to wake up a little more?

No matter what, you have to admit that someone was totally thinking 'outside the box' on this one. Heck, this just might be perfect for those people who are too scared to dance at a nightclub out of fear of ruining a real suit.

And if you're one of those types who likes wearing Adidas with suits (I know, right), now there's a suit designed for your tastes!

Looks like this was posted in 2010... why am I just finding it now? Here's a question: would you go jogging in this?


  1. There seems to be no shortage of bad clothes to keep your blog amply supplied with topics!

  2. Believe it or not, every week I think I'm done... which is a good thing!

    Then, while randomly searching a different topic, something like this falls in my lap.

  3. if it's possible, i believe this to be worse than the infamous "tuxedo t-shirt".

  4. Well now, that tuxedo t-shirt ain't bad so long as you have an overcoat over it so that just a bit of the bow tie shows through.

    No one will notice anything!

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