Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Old Mods Don't Die. They Just Blog Away...

"Wow, you're still into that?"

I used to get this question more often when I was younger, ironically enough. Now that I’m slowly approaching my 40s, people don’t concern themselves as much with my potential arrested development. Maybe I’ve finally passed the statute of limitations on ‘growing up.’

Or maybe, I just learned how to dress my age. Let’s face it, I’d look a little silly walking to work in a parka covered in buttons, Jam stage shoes, a suit 3 sizes too tight, and GRAYING HAIR. 

I’ll leave this look to the young kids on their way to buying their first Who record!
Now just because I say I’ve learned to ‘dress my age’ (and, yeah, you may still disagree with me on that), that doesn’t mean I’ve given in to the whole business-casual khaki set. Dressing your age should never mean just giving up and going stone cold casual. Remember, you’re never too old to make an attempt at looking slick, and for me it doesn’t get any slicker than the Mod look. Oh yes, I’m still obsessed with it and probably more so now than I’ve ever been. Which leads me to the next question I’ve heard:

“Geez, man, why are you so into this?”

I always thought this was an odd one. I mean does the guy taking time off work to catch a baseball game get asked why he’s “so into this”? Does a woman dreamily following the tales of sparkly, teenage vampires get asked why she’s “so into this”?

I’m into this Mod thing in the same way you’re probably into your cars, your romantic vampire books, your cute animal photography, your scrapbooking, your weekend ‘bro-ing out’ sessions, your gardening, or your favorite baseball team. I love it! And it seems that the older I’m getting, the MORE I’m digging it.

And as my dig of the Mod thing grows, so does my desire to see it done up well. There’s more to this thing than the stale stereotypes we’re all used to. It’s the stereotypical Mod look most of us got into when first starting out, probably because we didn’t know any better. But as we’ve aged, hopefully we’ve learned more, leading to a more refined look. 

Photo via The Grumpy Owl
And that’s my goal with this blog: pointing out the best the Mod look has to offer, pointing out Mod gone wrong, and pointing out my own experiences (including my mistakes) over the years. Agree with me, disagree with me, correct me if I’m wrong, maybe learn something if you’re newly into this, or just make fun of me if you’d like. But hopefully, you’ll come back for more! 

And remember, this isn’t just for people into the Mod thing alone… it’s for anyone interested in great style in general!

Photo courtesy of Irene Ordaz

P.S. Yes, I’m old. But not too old to care.


  1. Great stuff Carlos. I can't wait for more.

  2. OMG!! Bringin the mad menz style to the blogosphere! Love it! We gotta keep the fire alive!

  3. Um, totally brilliant: "Does a woman dreamily following the tales of sparkly, teenage vampires get asked why she’s “so into this”?"

    Looking forward to reading all about your adventures, memories, and cool style and manners tips. I know! Let's all go to London so you can do research!

    Seriously -- you're one of my favorite writers and commentators, and I'm thrilled you're treating is all to more of that. Thanks, CP!

  4. This is fabulous, Carlitos! I am dying over the Stone Cold Casual, myself. GREAT START!! xo

  5. Welcome to the wide world of blogging Carlos, I will have a closer look at this on a real computer instead of my teeny Android but it looks great without my old man mod magnifying glass!

  6. Finally got to read this in larger type (I'm old), bravo. Well said. I often like to make this silly personal observation: "Mod is like the mafia. If you were ever well and TRULY "in" it, then you know you can never leave it".

  7. I have to agree with my mate Wilthomer and welcome to the Mod/Blog world. Your post reminds me of one of my very first posts titled "Too much too old?"


    We basically say the same thing and it was the most controversial post to date. Keep up the good work and don't let the naysayers discourage you from keeping the faith.

  8. Great start and subject matter! 40 is literally months away and I can't see "giving up" and abandoning my punk and mod roots. you go and thanks for the big nudge to write a thing or two in my own, neglected, blog soon.

  9. Thanks guys! Like I said, just because we're gettin' old doesn't mean we should give up!

  10. Amen, I'm glad Patrick and Carlos are here speaking it like it is....