Friday, July 29, 2011

Sharp Stylings #1

We can learn so much from yesterday’s fashion icons.  And living in a post-Mad Men world means we can even enjoy aspects of current male fashions! Every Friday, I’d like to start your weekend off right with a little style inspiration from either then or now. (And please, if you have a better name for this section than 'Fashion Friday' (ugh), I'd love to hear it and would be most appreciative!)

Let’s take a look this week at an immaculate pre-‘Tin Soldier’, pre-‘Lazy Sunday’, pre-Humble Pie, pre-Packet of Three Steve Marriott. I’m not down on any of that, mind you, but this right here… hands-down, one of my favorite images from Richard Barnes’s Mods book:

My friends, you've just been served. Cold gaze, relaxed stance, beautiful suit… Even without the tie, Steve’s just raised the bar on lookin’ sharp. Let’s dissect this one real quick:

  1. Back-comb hair style – Right there, my favorite ‘Mod’ hair style. Bangs parted down the middle, sides going down to the bottom of the ear, and a back-comb about 3 inches up from the top of his head.  Young guys take note: take advantage of this look while you still have enough hair!

  2. Thin, high-cut lapel – Very well-cut lapel with the roll almost an inch above the top button. Even when that top button is unbuttoned, the lapel still lays so that the jacket looks closed to the top. Sweet!

  3. Ring – You don’t need to be Hal Jordan to rock the ring. (Hmm… this might be a dated reference by the end of the summer movie season.) 

  4. Narrow, chisel-toe shoes – Pants are cut a little high with no break. For us short people, gives the illusion that we’re taller than we are, but I don’t really recommend you try this at home unless you’re well under 5’8”. Personally, I think Steve just knew his shoes couldn’t be blocked by any trouser fabric. Can you blame him? Look at the stitching around the laces and the toe on those things!

That’s it for this week. Keep stylin’ in the free world!


  1. I wear pants cut a bit shorter like that occasionally...Now you got me thinkin I shouldn't. I love how they show Chelsea boots or other groovy shoes.

  2. This pic takes me back to the summer of '82 and finding the "Mods" book! I am digging the he'll out of your blog. It is a welcome distraction from the hurry gurdy life I lead!

  3. Mods book - that and Maximum RnB, total Bibles! My copies of both are falling apart. LOVE! (Plus, the graphics - the dissection? YOU ARE BRILLIANT!) xo

  4. Derek, I've been guilty of that many times (and I'll write about it in the future). I've ruined good pants by shortening them too much.

    These days, if the pants are flared, I like them to touch the top of the shoe so they just barely hang over. If straight-legged, I still like them touching the shoe, but they don't look too bad if they're slightly above. Plus, gives a good reason to wear colorful patterned socks!

  5. Bill, I'm always diggin' your posts and your compliment means a lot especially considering your fanzine history!

    And Carrie... My Maximum R&B book is held together with gum and rubber bands!

  6. LOL, LOVE the dissection! How about The Dandy Diaries? Or Supermod Style?

  7. Love your blog Carlos! This pic brings back memories of bringing THE BOOK to San Diego hair salons and asking them to give me a mod-do. Then spending hours in front of the mirror before going out trying to get the perfect back comb! Sadly my thrift store suits never looked THAT good. Shoes are so hard to find (almost as hard as good vintage trousers). Does anyone make something like these new (that don't cost a fortune)?