Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weekly Blog Roundup: 6/21/2012

Okay, so I'm a little light on content this week. Plus, I skipped out on a roundup last week. So, let me cheat by piggybacking off of other people's great posts over the last couple of weeks!
  • Years ago, some friends and I used to run a very fun club called Diabolik which ran the gamut of '60s soul, psych, freakbeat, r&b, garage, and more. But what made that club so great were the people who showed up to dance into the morning hours and the people who ran The Werepad, which was the location Diabolik was held in. Great decor that matched the vibe of the club. Some of those people now run a new venue, The Vortex Room, which features fantastic movie nights and parties. In fact, some friends and I used to put on a jazz club there called soundscape*. Want to see what the Vortex Room is all about? If you ever make it to a movie night, order a Manhattan. You won't be disappointed!
  • Check out the latest Clifton's Corner for a great tribute to some recent music legends who have passed on. Great music to get you through the day!
  • A Modernist offers up a great tribute his father and the Ivy League tradition he's passed on. (And I've learned something new from this post: the difference between a short-sleeved shirt and a half-sleeved shirt.)
  •  Ivy Style gets into some good Summer clothing suggestions for you. Great tips for cool wear that looks cool!
  • Parka Avenue continues to profile some of the top DJs spinning ModChicago here and here. Speaking of which, by my watch, looks like ModChicago should be starting... TONIGHT! I hear it may be the last one. Kudos to Eric Colin Reidelberger for keeping ModChicago alive after all these years and to John Manion for beginning a great yearly tradition in the first place!
  • If you're in Portland, please visit this awesome-looking restaurant, reviewed by Le Continental, before it closes!
  • Monkey Picks has a couple of great posts, showcasing some original Ricky Tick Club flyers (Photoshop? Psh!) and his run-in with Martin Fuggles, '60s Ricky Tick DJ!
  • Voices of East Anglia provides some beautiful eye candy with a gallery of mannequin brochures. And when you're done there, check out their great piece on jazz harpist, Dorothy Ashby.
  • DNA Groove's Claudio De Rossi catches up with Jimmy Frost Mellor to discuss the Ivy League influence on Modernism. Great reading and great styling!
  • The Anorak Thing breaks down the musical styling of Graham Gouldman, writer of songs such as  'Bus Stop' (The Hollies), 'For Your Love' (The Yardbirds), and future member of 10cc.   
  • A couple of great tracks featuring a little bit of soul and a little bit of boogaloo on Derek's Daily 45, your one-stop shop for a quick 45 snack!

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