Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mod Gone Wrong: Mod Jeans

So, a couple of weeks ago, some discussions were generated about jeans and the Mod thing. Over on the MM Facebook page ('LIKE' it... it's a neat thing to do!), people were talking about vintage 501s and A Modernist shared this link to Union Made Goods. In the comments section of this post, a couple of original 1960s Mods started posting about their views on Levis jeans back in the day.

But, of course, I'm not going to write about good jeans today.

Personally, I'm not a heavy jeans guy in general. I do like them if I'm cleaning up around the place, doing something manual, or if I'm feeling really lazy on a Sunday. I don't do 501s as much anymore and tend to stick with the Levis boot-cut 527s (slim fit and low rise) or even H&M 'Lads' because I like the way the flares look with my shoes. (But the discussions mentioned above do have me re-thinking 501s.)

That said, there are some jeans I've found online that look to be geared toward people who share my obsession... but, oh, just miss the mark! Listen, just because you make a mighty fine scooter, doesn't necessarily mean you know how to make a pair of jeans that Mod scooterists should be wanting. Take these, for example, from Lambretta (yes, they're in the clothes game too):
Yup, a nice pair of faded, easy-fit (aka, loose), denim with the ol' Mod stamp of approval right on the ass! If you wear these to the next scooter rally and strut on down that aisle of scooters, be ready for a bevy of mini-skirted, bobbed-hair ladies swarming around you. Hip-shake that target to new levels of lovin'!

Check out the more macho 'dark' Lambretta Mod jeans for a close-up of that back pocket: 
Baby got Mod back.
How slick would these things be with your matching target t-shirt and tennis shoes while you're out riding your scoot? Who cares that your scooter will be better dressed than you are! At least you'll be sitting on a piece of Mod denim.

Okay, okay, tired of the target look? Well, Lambretta also released this beautiful pair 'Mod' jeans with a trio of 'official' Mod badges pinned to the rear end: 

These look to be out of stock, but keep your eyes open on Ebay!
You have there a badge representing the Union Jack, the roundel, and the Lambretta shield: the axis of Mod, if you will. Personally, I ain't too comfortable sitting on badges, what with the pointy pins and all, but that's just me. But if you're wearing these and some yahoo tries giving you guff, you can just reply, "kiss my Mod ass!" Heck, you'll mean it!

Friends, I don't know about you but I think I'll stick with the Levis 527s (sometimes 517s), 501s, and occasional H&M 'Lad's. And Lambretta, you may want to stick with the scooter-makin'.*

*Reader Syd W. informs us that Lambretta doesn't even get with the scooter-makin' these days. Seems they're into the branding business instead.


  1. The only jeans I wear are 501s. A classic clean design that has proven to be a timeless look. Timeless looks are where it's at!

  2. So that's what the marketing team thought of when they had all the consumer survey card returned to them?!

    Classic cut 60's or 30's jeans only!


  3. Have to disagree with you on this one..

    Its too easy to call out Lambretta Clothing, Ben Sherman or Fred Perry for some of their awful styling, (hell, I do it all the time) but as these brands are "fashion" brand they cannot be blamed for making clothes that appeal to the masses, all while the rest of us find repulsive.

    Let's face it, these were not designed for the Mod in mind, especially the late 40 something mod like myself!
    Hell they know that a purist will wear Levi's because that what the original mods wore, right?

    I am a regular customer of the Lambretta Clothing shop in London and if you are going to call out these ugly jeans, you should at least give them props for the many items items they get right. Harringtons, Button downs, cycling tops, etc..

    All of these brands are forced to produce things that have a wide appeal, because frankly they would never make it trying to satisfy the picky tastes of our retarded sub culture.


    1. I agree with you on that, John, and I can't blame a company for doing what they can to make money, especially once they hit that corporate investment level.

      But you gotta admit, awful clothes like this are way funny! I was really tripping out last October when we were in Europe, especially Barcelona. Generic people walking around with Vespa Mod t-shirts, Ben Sherman bags, Fred Perries, etc. It was everywhere, which means the mass public must love that imagery.

      Unfortunately, I can't get into Lambretta as a clothing line for a couple of reasons: 1) I don't have a Lambretta and would feel like one of those guys walking around town in a Porsche leather jacket, w/o the Porsche, and 2) I don't think Lambretta is actually in the manufacturing business, but more in the branding business, but I could be wrong. I'd rather stick to clothing labels like Britac, DNA Groove, John Smedley (when I can save up enough money) and heck, even FP.

      That said, I will admit this is a nice Lambretta shirt:

      Unfortunately, they also put this out!

  4. Syd is correct. The Lambretta clothing company (and I use the term loosely) has NOTHING to do with the defunct scooter manufacturers - beyond buying up the name. Those jeans are hideous like pretty much everything I've ever seen them produce.

  5. no mate , targets on clothes are way out

  6. I like them and my mates like them so I got a pair-top drawer couldn' give a monkeys ball bag about other people's views on them