Friday, April 6, 2012

Weekly Blog Roundup - 4/6/2012

So many great blogs and stories out there right now. I'm going to try and start sharing some that I've found throughout the week so you have something to read during your weekend. Enjoy!
  • The Voices of East Anglia blog catches you up on the Art Jazz of David Stone Martin. Great read for fans of jazz and graphic design!
  • Are you a fan of Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross? I am! Well dig this footage found by The Syllabus.
  • For those interested in learning more about fabrics, David Reeves found a nice piece on Dormeuil, with great footage on the fabric's construction.
  • Need some wardrobe ideas for the weekend? Anorak Thing has some nice Creation cover sleeves to inspire you.
  • Speaking of the Creation, want to know my favorite song by them? Head over to Derek's Daily 45 and check it out.
  • The Shoe Snob blog highlights some interesting shoe styles found recently, worth taking a gander at.
  • Years ago, I remember a friend and I found an LP by a crazily bellbottomed band called The Modbeats. We paid about a $1, if I remember correctly. I hear it goes for slightly more these days... around $300. Want to know more about the band? Head over to Parka Avenue.
  • The College No. 9 blog catches us up on jazz life in Paris in the late 1950s and a Parisian's special NYE spent in Soho 1960. Dig it real.
  • Was just turned on to the Rum Do blog today and found a great story on there featuring the memories of an old Mod and Skinhead.
That's it for today!