Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mod 'Jams?

I've never liked the idea of 'weekend Mods.' You know, those guys who spend Monday through Thursday in t-shirts and shorts, but suit up if there's a weekend event to go to. Sorry, but for me, this thing's a 24-hour type of deal!

But, these last few years, I realized I was being a hypocrite with this thinking. Yes, that's right, I was NOT being a 24-hour type of Mod male. And my wife (then girlfriend) was the one who pointed it out to me! See, I used to get up for work, throw on a nice shirt, maybe a tie, some slim-fitting pants (usually sta-prest), a pair of nice shoes and I was off to work. But as soon as I got home and was ready to relax for the evening, I changed into... *gasp* sweatpants and a sweatshirt! Not only did I used to wear these types of clothes for jogging or working out, but I had a spare pair for going to sleep in. Faux pas! And my wife (then girlfriend) let me know that this just would not do. And how could I criticize the t-shirt and shorts guy when I was catchin' some zzz's in sweatgear?

Well, sweetie that she is, my girlfriend came home one day with a very nice pair of pajamas... night-time clothes I had not worn since I was a kid. And I felt embarrassed for all those nights I jumped in to bed in clothes made for unstylishly working out in. I've been in love with my pajamas ever since... a nice black pair with white pinstripes and a black & grey plaid pair. Now, I'm here to pass on what I've learned and to let you know that just because you're using these clothes to sleep in doesn't mean they can't look good all the same.

First up, check out this beautiful pajama set from Paul Smith, using his signature striping motif:
Pajamas so nice, you'll want to strut out every morning to grab the newspaper and make your neighbors jealous.
These pjs are slim-fitting, with that Paul Smith multi-colored striping, and a fantastic collar with, wait for it, a four-button front for all you four-button-lovin' Mod dudes. Wait, what's that you say? $240 pajamas are a little out of your sleepwear budget? Let's move on then...

...to a more affordable pair of pajamas offered by Macy's:

Macy's pajamas including a matching robe.
Dark navy with white pin dots make this set perfect for mellowing out on the porch, drinking coffee, and doing a morning crossword puzzle. Even has a matching robe for when you want to keep a little warmer. Only problem is that this set is sold piece by piece, so in the end you'll pay over $100. Doh!

I found another nice pair of pajamas at the Nordstrom's site:
Nordstrom pajamas in a wild plaid pattern for when you want to have friends over for a pajama party!
A much fancier pair of pajamas in a plaid-ish pattern and the best part: they're silk! Oh-oh, you know what that means... $200!

Get the drift here? Hard to find a good pair of stylish, affordable pajamas for the Mod male. So, this is the challenge to some of the current Mod clothing designers out there: stop making a new form of parka and start thinking of this missing bit in a stylish Mod male's wardrobe: pajamas!

Lots of great ideas out there, too. Heck, check out these slick ideas from old patterns you can still find online. Great cuts, nice patterns, smooth looks... dig 'em:
A pattern for vintage pajamas on Etsy.
Or how about this look? I'm not much of a robe guy, but there may be others out there who are. Dig the cuts of the collars and the slim fits:
1960s pajamas and robe patterns.
And here's a nice real-life shot to let you know how slick you can be as an acual 24-hour type Mod fella:
From the genibee Flickr set.
There you have it... something to think about. It's easy to get dressed up for clubbing on the weekends. It's easy to toss on some Mod gear when you're spending time with friends. Heck, it's easy to find a nice Mod look for working in an office setting.

And it can be just as easy to nice up your look just in time for bedtime!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Someone just clued me in to the idea of a pajama suit! Whoa! Someone needs to get on a Mod version of this, STAT!]
For more info on 'suitjamas', click here.


  1. Great post! Definitely for the long lost 24 hour mod. Your next post should be on swim gear. Dave sees himself some hipster shorts to swim in. Gotta keep it up wherever you may be!

  2. Mod Male is always super stylin' in his Mod 'Jams!

  3. My personal choice for the stay-at-home Mod is the classic satin smoking jacket made popular by Hugh Hefner.

    You may remember I found a nice vintage exemple on a Boston shopping spree last August.


  4. @Mrs. K, now you know I don't swim! Heck, I'd walk out to the beach in hipster PANTS and stop at the nearest hot dog stand!

    @Patrick, glad you posted that as I wanted to post a photo of Hugh Hefner. I couldn't search for his name at work, though, of course.