Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mod Gone Wrong: Mod Shaving Kit

This is a product that exists. A Mod shaving cream. Well, a whole kit, actually.

Again, how do you know it's Mod? Because there's a target on there. Oh yeah, and it's actually called 'The Mod Collection.' This whole set consists of an exfoliating face wash, shave cream, daily face balm, and (ooh) eau de toillete. Don't just look Mod, smell Mod too!

I was actually very curious about the cologne. I mean a Mod cologne? What, does it make you smell like the sea and sand of Brighton Beach?

According to the website, it's "masculine, modern and ever so slightly minty." Y'know, MOD! I really don't know what to make of it or its connection to anything Moddish, other than the target. Heck, they're not even using a sixties-ish, modern style font, like Eurostile, on this thing.

What I want to know is, other than Moddish folk, who is their primary market for this collection? Were there that many Mods in England crying out for a shave cream and scent to call their own? And are Mods buying this stuff so that they can truly be Mod from head to toe? I'm very curious...

All questions aside, there are some positive things to say about this attempt at a Mod cash-in. The company does seem to be a solid entrepeneural effort with hard work put in to making these products (instead of affixing a target to an already-made item). Also, they do seem to be very pro-environment in the manufacturing process and they don't test on animals.

But the most positive thing to say about the Mod Collection grooming kit? They're actually getting good reviews from people in the good smell industry! I can rant and rave all day long about a company placing a target on their products and calling them 'Mod', but based on the reviews I've read, if this was a regular non-Mod grooming kit, I might actually consider it! 

QUESTION: Have any Mods actually used this stuff? And if you haven't, are you going to give 'em a try?


  1. Everything is on sale. Some time ago I bought Ben Sherman's eau de toilette "London Calling". Smells quite nice, by the way... I've seen also BS cosmetic kit checkered black and white - it's called "Two Tone". What do you think about that?

  2. I can understand Ben Sherman doing this as an expansion of business. They've been doing clothing that Mods have been into for quite some time and in recent years have grown so much. Makes sense to try and expand their product offerings (shoes, pocket squares, lighters, eau de toilette, etc.).

    For me, I just see some of those things as novelties though. Slapping a target on a tube of toothpaste won't make me want it anymore!

  3. Ofcourse, BS intention is - as every single company - get more money. But I meant more about earning on legend's sale. "London Calling" odour, The Clash livery on Converse's sneakers, 2Tone ska label as a soap. I'm not against these things, but I used to be punk (still in some way I am) and feel... a little confused when I see important to me names as just another trade marks.

  4. the target logo is very alluring. i know someone who joined the RAF because of the logo on the recruitment shop. or maybe i just made that up.

  5. My mother got me the exfoliating wash, shaving cream, and post balm (mod) while she was in England and I am definitely pleased. I use Proraso, but I will be using this stuff for the special occasions. It lathers up great and does not dry up quickly.

  6. Got the saving cream one of the best I've ever bought trying to look on the Internet for some more

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