Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mod Gone Wrong: 'Mod Revival' Costume

[Mod Male is on vacation at this time so won't be able to respond to any comments.]  

Wow, these guys got specific with this 'fancy dress' outfit! It's not just a 'Mod' costume, it's a 'Mod Revival Dress' costume!

Looking for something to wear while you're cheering on Jimmy as he fights Rockers? Here you go!
Now, it doesn't look like the creators of these outfits put a whole lot of effort into them. We've got the 2-Tone ska Mod dress with obligatory checkerboard headband. I think this was actually someone's party outfit from back in the day.

And the fellow's costume is basically just... a parka. Without patches. Without badges. This costume needs a little more work. Well, at least he's got 2-Tone basketball sneakers on. I wonder if the costume comes complete with Quadrophenia dialogue? Maybe a little button in the pocket he can press so that a speaker in the hood can blast out, "Get in there, my son!" over and over again.

All the work this company put into their "Mod Revival" costume makes me curious as to what their "Punk" costume consists of. What, a safety pin? And I bet their "Goth" costume is a black cape.

After looking at this photo more closely, though, there seems to be something really familiar about these people. I can't quite put my finger -- oh wait! I think I've seen them before! Yeah, at practically every scooter rally photo I've seen on the internet!


  1. Actually I've seen lots of pics from "mod revival" gigs these days and the one on the right and the one in the middle could easily fit in. I think it's right down to the baggy pants and cue ball on the fella and the "had too many Dunhills and rum and cokes" look on the one on the right.

  2. Just in case these dresses aren't ugly enough:

    I'd skip these and go straight to the Noddy Holder costume.

  3. Wilthomer, judging by your comment, DON'T look in any of the latest issues of Scootering Magazine, my friend!

  4. David I gave up on the hopes that scooterists would someday give up their ambitions to be the Vespa/Lambretta answer to Hell's Angels and "return to the faith" ages ago(he hee). But some of my best friends are scooterists......

  5. I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN I CAN BARELY SPEAK! But I can laugh. hahahah! Good one CP, this has Gone Wrong TO THE MAXXX...