Friday, March 22, 2013

Casual Friday #12: Martin Freeman

Working to look sharp for a rare evening out on the town can actually be easy. The tough job is trying to look sharp on a daily, casual basis. Yeah, you might have your Friday night suit at your beck and call, but what does it matter if you spend the rest of your time in target t-shirts and jeans? Every Friday, I'd like to offer up some style inspiration for tightening up your casual look, because let's face it... sometimes you just don't feel like wearing a tie, but still want to keep it sharp.

Casual comes in all kinds of different flavors. There's the type of casual you wear when you're out being active (hiking, long walks, working in the yard). There's the type of casual you wear when you want to just take care of errands or want to spend the day hanging out with friends. And there's the type of casual you wear when you want to look sharp, but, well, a tie's just too much. (My favorite kind of casual, really.)

Martin Freeman knows how to do up that type of casual. Recognize:
Image from the December edition of British Esquire from Freemanweb.
Friends, this is how you lay down the suave. This is the type of casual that just sets you apart from the Fred Perry and Adidas army. Simple, pale-colored shirt that goes with most anything (not sure how I feel about the button-to-the-neck though), dark 3-button jacket that's trim and well-fitted, light-colored pants (it is Spring, afterall) and a beautiful pocket square puffed up just right with a nice pattern to provide a bit of focus to the whole outfit.

Now unless you're spending the day playing socc football with friends, this is a casual look that can be very versatile. Dress like this when you're out grocery-shopping. If you're a single fella, you just might find yourself with a Friday night date by the end of the check-out. Dress like this when you're out just having a cup of coffee. Your hero, Paul Weller, sometimes still does. Dress like this when you're out having a drink with friends. Who knows... if they're the target t-shirt and patch-covered parka type, they just might learn a thing or two from you.

Sure, many people dress like this when they know other Mod types will be about, but screw that! Dress like this regardless of whether or not you'll be seen by your fellow modernistos. Don't save up your good outfit for that one Saturday night of the annual scooter rally.

Set a higher bar for yourself and pump up the casual!



  1. I rather enjoyed this piece, as there are few things sexier than a well-dressed man, no matter what the occasion or lack thereof.

    I've actually been working on a similar piece for women who find themselves in an office wear funk.


  2. Nice piece,, straight forward and to the point,, well played.

  3. Absolutely right. Nuff said.

  4. Never wear t-shirts except if I'm sick, have one under a shirt or working in the yard of my aunts summer house. Always a button-down shirt buttoned all the way during winter and tucked in my trousers or a polo buttoned all the way. Also wear V-neck jumpers and cardigans with jeans or chinos. Wear a tie sometimes but don't want to do it too often as it would take away from the "specialness". Only have one 3 button jacket unfortunatley as they are very hard to come by where I live =(