Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekly Blog Roundup: 7/7/2012

Another morning and another great batch of links to catch up on:
  • A write-up on The Twisted Wheel and its possible closure. (Honestly, I didn't realize it was still in business!)
  • An interesting interview with Dougal Butler, former Mod, Keith Moon's personal assistant, and author of the book on those experiences, Full Moon.
  • Lord Buckley, one of the hippest hipsters that ever was! (Back in the days when 'hipster' was a hip term.)
  • I'm not familiar with Australian singer, Normie Rowe, but after this piece, I may have to look into his music more.
  • Congratulations to an old pal who'll be joining Beechwood Sparks on drums in Santa Cruz, if you're around!
  • Kevin Rowland on Ivy Style... almost as good as the comments in the post!
  • A great exploration into one of the best jazz films around, Jazz On a Summer's Day.
  • A photo collection of 1979 Mods... including Mick Talbot!
  • A podcast of some great soul, leaning more toward the modern sounds. Good stuff!
  • But I'm gonna end this with a track of 1960s mellow soul to start off the day!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I bought half a dozen Normie Rowe singles in Australia. They are good, not great. His voice was kinda weak, actually. I can send you MP3s when I get home next week.

    1. Haha! I think you might be right about his voice. Hope you're having a great European adventure!

  2. Well done to your mate ref Beachwood Sparks - loving their new Tarnished Gold LP.

    1. Hey Monkey, I've yet to get that album! We saw them last year at a friends BBQ party and we sat up in front. They are still great today! They're playing here this Thursday and really looking forward to the show.