Friday, February 24, 2012

Sharp Stylings #28: Paul Smith Suit Styling

We can learn so much from yesterday’s fashion icons.  And living in a post-Mad Men world means we can even enjoy aspects of current male fashions! Every Friday, I’d like to start your weekend off right with a little style inspiration from either then or now. Hopefully, my fellow Mod enthusiasts will find the whole or some detail of the whole to appreciate and maybe even adopt.

Like I mentioned in the last post, a lot of great new clothes and outfit ideas for the modern Mod male today. For instance, take this total look from Paul Smith:
Originally spotted on the Fashbasha blog.
Pristine styling right here! Sure, this whole thing may be out of your budget, but take notes on the whole look going on here. Let's start off with the suit coat. Nice ticket pocket, which appears to have finally become a standard touch with today's new suits. Natural shoulders for a soft, mellow feel. And a 3-button front that is, believe it or not, the type of 3-button front I'm normally NOT into.

Sometime ago, there was a discussion on 3-button vs. 2-button jacket fronts. For me, it's not about the amount of buttons, but how high the gorge of the jacket front is. I've seen 2-button coats that button up high across the chest and I'm into that. But, I've also seen 3-button jackets that button up so low, they might as well have been only 2-button. The suit jacket above is almost an example of that. However, in this case the look works because it helps to expose the waistcoat underneath! The lapels could be slightly slimmer, but overall, it comes together well.

The overall color palette of this look is pretty drab, really, yet still carries some flash thanks to the floral shirt used instead of a simple white or striped shirt. This is the same type of shirt I mentioned in the last post, but this one is not as busy (or colorful) as its purple counterpart. The detailing of the floral pattern help give the tie a more dandied background without overwhelming the tie at all.

In the end, the power of this whole ensemble lies in the dignified tone of the greys balanced with the flash look of that shirt. All this guy needs to make this a perfect look is a striped and colorful pocket square... well, that and a better haircut and working razor.


  1. Generally, Paul Smith manages to pull it off, even when you think he can't. It's in his blood or something ;)

  2. those shoulders don't fit!