Monday, September 26, 2011

The 1990s 'Mods' Documentary

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So, for today and the next few Mondays, I'm taking the easy way out and letting videos do the talking for me (for the most part). Today's video is a Mods documentary, directed by Rob Poswell and filmed in Sacramento and Berkeley, CA back in the early 90's. I'm sure many of you have seen this on YouTube already, but it's worth checking out again.

When I first moved to the Bay Area, this video was passed around on VHS and I was really taken with it. Not only did it feature people I knew and looked up to, but it was the first film (other than Quadrophenia) that captured the Mod thing for me at the time. It was filmed well, had great music, great quotes, and looked all-around cool to me.

It begins with the great intro: "I was a mod back in 1963. It was a bit different. Much different than rockers or teddy boys." It gave the film a feel of authenticity since an original 1960s Mod was quoted on tape. My fave part of the film, though, featured the Berkeley Mod scene of the time dancing to local Mod band, the Motives. I'd sit there picking out people I knew and wondering where others had gone. And the Motives on stage... they looked slick! It made living in the Bay Area more exciting just to think that this was stuff going on. Granted, this had all been filmed the year before I moved up, with things and people having changed since then.

Since that time, my own thinking and opinions on Mod stuff as changed or, hopefully, grown. That said, this film still really holds up for me. It looks stylish, as a Mod film should, and carries with it ideas that still hold well today. My only criticism of the film is that new music plays over the main scooter scene. The director of this film is a great guy, but he pulled a George Lucas re-dux for that part! NOOOOOOO!!!

When I first saw this, there was a quote in there that really struck me, and watching this film again today, it's one that still resonates: "To be a Mod, you have to be a Mod 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. The whole bit. You're just not a Mod on the weekends."

At my age, I'd sound a little cheesy talking like this and I don't think I am that guy walking around shouting "Mod! Mod! Mod!" all the time (contrary to the impression left by this blog), but I still believe in the idea of doin' this thing 24/7 and always looking to improve.


  1. My favorite part is from about the 1:50 mark to about 2:00. Seriously though, Rob did a fantastic job on this film. I didn't realize how much work goes into a short film like this. When they filmed the band they set up a track so that they could pan the camera across smoothly. It took several hours in all. The whole thing, from start to finish came out great.